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Here Is What You Need To Know About Facebook Instant Articles !


Instant Articles  is a brand  new  feature  introduced by Facebook which gives content  publishers  the opportunity to publish content directly on Facebook from any CMS  .  The articles can be accessed  directly  on Facebook Mobile App  & the interface is similar to the website of the original publisher  . Instant Articles display as much as ten times faster than standard mobile web articles . It includes some cool features like  tilt-to-pan photos, auto-play video, interactive maps .   Why Facebook Decided To Launch Instant Articles ? Facebook discovered that  posts are gettingRead More

10 Simple Ways To Leverage Hashtags To Create Insane Engagement !


Hashtags (#) have become an integral part of every social media post on every social media.It makes easier for users to track & organize topics based on their interests.It is the easiest way to categorize contents on social media. This is the guy who started it all long back in 2007! how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]? — ❄︎ Chris Messina ❄︎ (@chrismessina) August 23, 2007   In fact, due to its popularity “Hashtags” have found a place in Oxford Dictionary. Another, great benefitRead More

Your Content Marketing Guide For 2017 !

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According to the latest stats, over 88 % of the B2B  marketers use content marketing as of today.  It’s  fair to say content marketing has dominated all the other online marketing avenues in 2016  &  according to experts it will play an even greater role in converting visitors to clients   in 2017! But in this era of information overload, you should be careful in crafting a niche content strategy for your client based on B2B or B2C. Let’s discuss some of the key elements of creating a  content marketing strategy inRead More

How to Tell a Better Story and Increase Conversions


Your customers may not be very interested in your troubles. What they’re actually interested in are how you can help with their troubles—how your products or services can create solutions to whatever hurdles they’re facing. How do you tell them that you can do that? By sharing anecdotes—stories, humorous or serious—about what you’ve done for other people. Your honesty, as long as it feels authentic, can be a great identifier for people. The stories don’t always have to be successful; they can be failures, too. The point is that youRead More

Lead Your Team To Greatness

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Is your company going to be a success in your industry? It all depends on how well you lead and shape your team. Forget about individual employee achievements. If there’s an issue with your overall business model, your company could be in trouble. As such, it is important to look at some of the problems that could exist in your business, how to fix them and figure out how you can lead your team to greatness.   Get Everyone On The Same Page       Courtesy:Flickr It is importantRead More

Are You Using Google Plus In 2017?Here Are The Google Plus Updates In 2017!

Google Plus 2017

Are you still using Google+ for your business in  2017 ?Well according to Google there a vast  number of Google+ users  are still signing up  everyday(around 1.6 million according to Google).Hence, Google has decided to add some new features to the platform in 2017  to keep  the audience engaged. Here are some of the new fearures that Google has rolled out in 2017.   1.Image Zooming & Image Compression  Feature     Google+  is still very  popular among the photographers with a number of photography communities using the platform regularly.Google+Read More

Your Ultimate Guide To Local Search Optimization In 2017 !


If you are running a  local brick & mortar business then you are probably targeting clients in your locality or nearby areas in your city. But how will you tell search engines about exactly where your business is located in order to provide the information to your local clients.  If you are looking to target a specific audience in a specific location then optimizing your business for  “Local Search”  is very essential. Let’s discuss some very effective ways you can easily optimize your local business to be discovered by yourRead More

The Ultimate Guide To Mobile SEO


On April 21, 2015, Google released a significant new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that’s designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results.The mobile-friendly algorithm is a page-by-page signal, so it can take time for Google to assess each page, and that may be why it will be a gradual rollout. And depending on how fast Google crawls and indexes all of the pages on your site, the impact can be slow to show up. Well, here are some tips you can follow to optimize your site rankingRead More

5 Practical Gadgets That Make Business Tasks Faster


  Business owners are always looking for ways to make things go a little faster. Of course, having a well-staffed workplace of motivated employees makes your company more efficient. But you should try to shave a little time off everything they have to do. There are many handy gadgets out there for businesses. Some can help you take payments faster. Some make administrative processes more efficient. By making use of such practical tools, you can make your business run a lot faster. The more time you save on certain tasks,Read More

What Is The Secret Psychology Behind Facebook Engagement ?


If you are one of those inquisitive minds who is trying to figure out the psychology behind the Facebook features of Like, Comment & Share then you are in the right place.  If you can understand what actually goes through a  user’s mind when he or she is on Facebook you can then produce engaging content according to your niche audience & generate more traffic. Let’s dive into our research!   Connection With Brain’s Reward Center It has been discovered that there a  strong connection is established between Facebook activityRead More