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Is Google Plus Relevant In 2017 ? Here Is How To Use Google Plus For Your Business In 2017

Google Plus 2017

                    Google Plus(G+)  has evolved into a robust social network  since it’s launch in 2011 & has become a major tool in driving online traffic to websites.Since,its a product of Google  it  connects millions of websites .The main reason for to build your brand visibility  in G+ is that Google  is now analyzing social  signals from G+  for it’s ranking algorithms.So,how can you create a stand out G+profile for your business to generate more leads. Let’s discuss this right here!   Create An EngagingRead More

Your Ultimate Guide To Local Search Optimization In 2017 !


                    If you are running a  local brick & mortar business then you are probably targeting clients in your locality or nearby areas in your city . But how will you tell search engines about  exactly where your business is located  in order to provide the information to your local  clients.  If you are looking to target  specific audience in a specific location then optimizing your business for  “Local Search”  is very essential. Let’s discuss some very effective ways you canRead More

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly ?Optimize Your Site For Mobile For Google With This Easy Steps !


                Are you still struggling with Mobile-SEO  since Google’s Mobile algorithm update.Well, here are some tips you can follow to optimize your  site ranking on mobile devices. Let’s start with the basic site  framework set up for a mobile version of your  site .   MOBILE SITE SET UP  RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN Responsive means you will have the same code rendering different displays   depending on the devices & screen size  with the exact same URL & requires no redirection. You can useRead More

Your Content Marketing Guide For 2017 !

Content-Marketing -2017

                          According to the latest stats over 88 % of the B2B  marketers use content marketing as of today.  It’s  fair to say content marketing has dominated all the other online marketing avenues in 2016  &  according to experts it will play an even greater role in converting visitors to clients  in 2017 ! But in this era of information overload you should be careful in crafting a niche content strategy for your  client  based on B2B or B2CRead More

5 Practical Gadgets That Make Business Tasks Faster


  Business owners are always looking for ways to make things go a little faster. Of course, having a well-staffed workplace of motivated employees makes your company more efficient. But you should try to shave a little time off everything they have to do. There are many handy gadgets out there for businesses. Some can help you take payments faster. Some make administrative processes more efficient. By making use of such practical tools, you can make your business run a lot faster. The more time you save on certain tasks,Read More

10 Simple Ways To Leverage Hashtags To Create Insane Engagement !


Hashtags (#) have become an integral part of every social media posts  on every social media.It makes easier for users to track & organize topics based on their interests.It is the most easiest way to categorize contents on social media . This is the guy who started it  all  long back in 2007  ! how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]? — ❄︎ Chris Messina ❄︎ (@chrismessina) August 23, 2007 In fact, due to its popularity “Hashtags” have find a place in Oxford Dictionary. Another,Read More

What Is The Secret Psychology Behind Facebook Engagement ?


                                    If you are one of those inquisitive mind who is trying to figure out the psychology behind the Facebook features of Like,Comment & Share then you are in the right place.  If you can understand what actually goes through a  user’s mind when he or she is on Facebook you can  then produce engaging content  according to your niche audience & generate  more traffic. Let’s dive in to our research !  Read More

Take Control: How to Overcome Management Issues in Your Business

Take Control: How to Overcome Management Issues in Your Business

  If you’ve been in business long enough, you’ll probably know the effects of a mismanaged company. Deadlines are never met, workers slack off, managers don’t do anything, yet somehow the business manages to stay afloat. At least, for the time being. Losing control of your business is like losing control of your car. There’s a brief moment where it looks like everything will be fine and you’re swerving down the road and avoiding accidents. However, when you try to hit the breaks and you realise it’s not working, you’reRead More

3 Tech Tips That All Businesses Should Know To Help Improve Their Online Presence


Digital is a massive thing in business right now. A company’s online presence is the foundation of its success these days. So, if you’re running a business, and think you could be doing a bit more online, then here’s what you need to be aware of. This is the three tech tips that every business should know – they’ll help improve your online presence! Check them out, below.       Social Social media is a huge marketing tool being used by businesses worldwide. The best thing is, it costsRead More

Taking The Pain And The Guessing Out Of Online Marketing


Online marketing is far from an exact science. New methods and trends pop up all the time that can make it seem difficult to grasp now and then. But the core truth of it remains the same. Consistent, quality content to the right audience. You might try something new with the next social media campaign but that should always be at the heart of it. Still, it does take time. It can also be frustrating to those new to it. Rather than mastering the art of online marketing, they mightRead More