Category: Social Media Marketing

Category: Social Media Marketing

How You Can Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business in 2018
Image May 29, 2018 Digital Marketing,Social Media Marketing IPSSWEB SOLUTIONS

  LinkedIn today is the world’s largest professional network which connects job seekers with businesses  & businesses with potential clients & employees. It has evolved into a great tool for building a robust network through content sharing  & community development. In fact,  according to the latest stats in 2017 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn,

Does Social Media Affects SEO? Here Is The Answer !
Image October 20, 2017 SEO,Social Media Marketing IPSSWEB SOLUTIONS

  According to Google “Social Media”  signals do play a minor part in their search algorithms.So, we can safely say that SEO  &  Social Media are interwoven to achieve the exact same goal which is attracting new clients & increase sales.So, how can we leverage social media to boost our site’s SEO?  Let’s dive in! How

9 Twitter Tools in 2018 That Can 10X Your Twitter Followers!
Image October 16, 2017 Social Media Marketing IPSSWEB SOLUTIONS

Twitter has become the most lucrative marketing platform for every business. Hence, there is a huge competition among marketers to get more & more followers with high engagement rate in order to promote their respective products & services on this platform. Here are some of the tools which can leverage the Twitter marketing campaign of

How You Can Use Facebook Instant Articles To Amplify Your Content
Image August 15, 2017 Content Marketing,Social Media Marketing IPSSWEB SOLUTIONS

    Instant Article is a  feature introduced by Facebook which gives content publishers the opportunity to publish content directly on Facebook from any CMS.  The articles can be accessed directly on Facebook Mobile App  & the interface is similar to the website of the original publisher. Instant Articles display as much as ten times

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