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These Social Media Marketing Strategies in 2018 Can Skyrocket Your Engagement Without Spending A Dime!

These Social Media Marketing  Strategies  in 2018  Can Skyrocket Your Engagement Without Spending A Dime!






Social Media Marketing has touched a new height in 2017 &  has become an imperative ingredient of any online marketing campaign. With the advent of new Social Media platforms like Instagram & Snapchat,  Social Media Marketing has become very competitive as every other business is trying to cash in the huge social audience to boost their revenues. Hence, the social media platforms have updated their algorithm to limit the reach of your posts. The organic reach has declined dramatically on Facebook. Hence, the only option left is to pay the social media platforms to show your content to the maximum audience.

But paid ads will not guarantee your engagement & hence it’s not worth spending thousands of dollars on boosting your posts. Hence, we have come up with some innovative idea which can increase your organic social media reach without even spending a cent on ads! Let’s dive in!


1.  Focus On The Most Active Social Media Platforms 

Most businesses make the mistake of creating their social media profiles on every social media platform out there under the sun.  This is just a waste of time & energy as your target audience will not be active on all the social media platforms out there.  Hence, you have to do a bit of research to find out the most active social media platforms. Just look at the data below from  Statista




According to this Facebook remains the most active Social Network in the world in 2017 closely followed by Whats App & Messenger  (Both are in fact  subsidiaries of Facebook  🙂 )

This data from Global WebIndex  can give you an insight of the popularity of  each Social Media platform based on  Age :




You can also compare the Reach with actual Engagement on each Social Network  from this  Comscore  data factoring users from  18 – 34:





Hence, you should first create a buyer persona based on Demographics data like Age, Gender, Interests, Income, Education Level etc. Then you can find out where exactly your target audience hangs out & start posting relevant & engaging content on that social network. 


2. Leverage The Power of Hashtags

Hashtags (#) have become an integral part of every social media post on every social media.It makes easier for users to track & organize topics based on their interests.It is the easiest way to categorize contents on social media.

This is the guy who started it all long back in 2007!


In fact, due to its popularity “Hashtags” have found a place in Oxford Dictionary. Another, great benefit of using a hashtag in your posts is that it connects with users on other social media platforms.But most of us still don’t know how to use a hashtag properly in posts & end up spamming their posts with too many irrelevant hashtags. So, let’s look at the following guidelines about properly using hashtags in your social media posts.


 Some Basics About Hashtag!

  • Hashtags are primarily incorporated in order to monitor trending events & discussions on social media to update users about the latest buzz in the social media.You can click on a particular hashtag & can get redirected to the hashtag feed instead of your original feed.
  • Every hashtag  has its own unique URL


  • You can search for specific topics & events  from your address bar on Facebook like  facebook.com/hashtag/topic


  • You can directly post from the hashtag feed on Facebook.


Hashtag Guide In A Nutshell:


1. Use A  Single Word With No  Space

You should use the hashtag as a single word with no spaces in between if you want to use more than one word in your hashtag.


2. Don’t Use  Too Many Words Together

Don’t clutter your hashtag by stringing too many words together. Try to keep it to the minimum.


3. Don’t Use Special Characters

You can’t  include special characters but you can use numbers in your hashtags.


4. Be Specific

Use the hashtag in trending topics in your niche industry to drive more traffic to your posts. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to be specific about the topic.


5. Use Hashtags As Per The Network

Every network has its own unique way of interpreting hashtags.


Hashtags are focused on the specific topic about which you are tweeting. You can also use a hashtag to track  Twitter chats  & connect with influencers in your niche.


Facebook :

Each hashtag has its own unique URL from where you can post your status updates. You can leverage this URL to drive more traffic from other sites.    You can leverage the hashtags to increase your reach. When you use a popular hashtag with your content the audience searching for that specifically for that niche may discover your content.


Instagram :

Hashtags are very important for Instagram as the hashtags are used to describe a photo & its details rather than a story or a theme. One of the advantages of using Hashtags in Instagram is that you can use as many Hashtags in your post. Here  The rules are pretty simple here:


  • Be specific
  • Be  relevant
  • Be observant    


6. Capitalize The First Letter

To make your hashtags stand out capitalize the first letter of each word(with no spaces in between) like #SocialMedia


7. Create Your Own Unique Branded Hashtag

Create your own innovative hashtags for your products & services through which people can identify your brand of products & services. You can also create hashtags for events happening around your brand.


8. Leverage Trending Hashtags

You can leverage trending around current events which can boost your posts & tweets to gain more engagements across the platform.  You can use any sporting event like #Wimbledon, #USOpen to catch the attention of the online community who are following that event.


9. Don’t Spam

You should not spam your posts with hashtags & use it frugally. You should not be in a situation where you have more hashtags than words.This will only attract spammers who will just follow you to get a follow back.In order to get real fans, you have to use hashtags more judiciously based on your niche.


10.Don’t Be Too  Specific  & Avoid Long Hashtags

You have to keep a balance between too generic & too specific. If you create hashtags which are too specific to your brand or product before its launch then nobody will search using that hashtag as they have never heard of your brand. So, it’s better to use trending hashtags niche.Don’t make your hashtags too long but try to keep it short. It has been seen that people always go for short hashtags  (But remember don’t be too offbeat ).


Hashtags, if used cleverly, can generate tremendous reach & engagements on any social media platforms be it Facebook, Twitter or  Instagram but you have to be careful in to use it at the right place to gain maximum reach. Hashtags should be an integral part of your Social Media Marketing especially if you are doing Content Marketing on TwitterInstagram



3.  Leverage  Your Social Media Profiles 

Just like On-Page SEO you can optimize your Social Media profiles by some easy hacks.

  1. Use a user-friendly “Username” representing your Brand  to enable your audience find your page quickly on Facebook & Twitter search  like this:



     2.  Use your unique Brand Logo  as your profile pic on every Social Media to create your unique                    identity on Social Media

    3.   Don’t forget to embed your Website URL &  your other Social URLs  in the About section


4.   Publish Evergreen Content Consistently

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are constantly tweaking their algorithm to show the most relevant & useful content to their audience. Hence, you should always try to post content tailor-made for your audience which will keep them engaged to your page. You can easily track what type of content is getting the most engagement from Analytics  &  then create similar content consistently.  If your audience has engaged with such content before then there is a high chance that Facebook & Twitter will show them in their feed.


5.  Schedule Your Posting Meticulously

Don’t just go on posting content blindly all day but schedule your content at a specific time each day for based on when your followers are active on that social media. You can deduce this data from built-in Analytics on each platform.


6. Mix Your Content Strategy

If you keep on posting the same type of content daily then your audience will get bored very quickly & will bounce off your page. So, you should try to tweak your content strategy with a mixture of Text Updates, Photos, Links & Videos. 


7. Follow 80-20 Rule 

You should try to post more useful content for your audience rather than self-promoting posts about your products & services. If your ratio of self-promoting & “Salesy” posts is higher than it will be a big turn-off for your audience as the primary reason they are following you is to get some valuable  & interesting information rather than buying your product or service. When you’re just starting  out try to divide your content strategy into:

  • 80% useful  posts providing genuine value to your Social Media audience
  • 20% promotional posts


8.  Target Your Audience

You can specifically target each post based on Age, Gender, Language, Location & Interests to optimize your post reach & engagement. 


9.  Be Responsive

You should be as responsive as possible to your audience who are engaging with you through messages & comments. Your audience is investing their valuable time to leave a comment or message you so you should appreciate them to make your audience feel important.   If you don’t interact with them &  ignore your audience then they will be offended & will just stop interacting with your page which can be detrimental to your brand.  Responsiveness is, in fact, one of the factors that Social Media algorithms analyze in factorizing your News Feed rank.  The more you interact with your audience, the more your content will be shown in their feed Hence, you should fix a time to reply to your messages & comments  If you are too busy to monitor your page then you should hire a Social Media consultant who can monitor & interact with your audience on your behalf.


Wrap Up

Organic reach on Social Media is becoming more & more difficult as the social networks are tweaking their algorithms to filter out irrelevant & spammy content. Hence, you should be focusing more on creating more value for your audience with informative, useful & emotional content to connect with them. Once, you discover what is working for your audience then you can focus more on creating a similar type of content & your engagement will be sky high without clicking  “Boost Post”!

Why Facebook Is So Addictive? Here Is The Real Secret That Facebook Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Why Facebook Is So Addictive?  Here Is The Real Secret That Facebook Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Why Do We Use Facebook


Social Media audience is just growing exponentially every year. 

With the advent of new Social Media platforms like Instagram,  Snapchat  &  WeChat the average daily time that users are spending on social media has just skyrocketed in the last few years. 




Time Spent On Social Media 2018
                                                                Time Spent On Social Media 2018 

                                                                    Source: Global WebIndex


                                                                       FACEBOOK-USERS-2018 ( in millions)

                                                                               Source: Statista


But, do you know what’s the real psychology behind  Like, Comment & Share features that every Social Media is banking on to earn billions in revenues?  If you can understand what actually goes through a  user’s mind when he or she is on Facebook you can then produce engaging content according to your niche audience & generate more traffic.

Let’s dive into our research!


Connection With Brain’s Reward Center

It has been discovered that there a  strong connection is established between Facebook activity & brain’s reward center “nucleus accumbens”  which is the pleasure center of the human brain. This part lightens up when we get a positive feedback whether in person or on Facebook through “Likes” & “Comments”.

Research also shows that while browsing Facebook there is a change in pupil dilation which is an indication that the users are happily engrossed in the activity.


Why We “Like”

“Like” is the social currency of Facebook.

According to Facebook:

“Like” is a way to give positive feedback or to connect with things you care about on Facebook. You can like content that your friends post to give them feedback or like a Page that you want to connect with on Facebook.”


Pew Research Center surveyed thousands of Americans discovered that 44% of Facebook users “like” content posted by their friends at least once a day, with 29% doing so several times per day.

According to research, there is a scientific reason or psychology behind liking a particular status or photo.

It’s a quick nod to show your support  & to cast your vote

According to Elan Morgan who conducted   2-week experiment, she chronicled on Medium  –

“The Like is the wordless nod of support in a loud room. It’s the easiest of yesses, I-agrees, and me- too.”  


Affirm Something About Ourselves

According to study of more than 58,000 people    we can predict gender,  race,  political inclination  etc.  just by analyzing  the “Likes”


Expressing  Virtual Empathy


We can express solidarity to someone’s status updates & cause through Facebook “Likes ” which shows we are on the same line of thinking. A study reported in Psychology Today shows this almost has the same implications like real-world empathy.


Why We “Comment”

We comment when we have to say something to express our opinion regarding anything.

According to a research conducted composed communication like comments & messages seems to have a greater effect to on alleviating loneliness.  In fact, according to the experiment, it has been discovered comments seems to decrease loneliness more than private messages.

If you have a business page then replying to “comment”  on a consistent basis can boost the fan engagement ratio.


Why We Post Status Updates 

Posting reduce loneliness & make us feel connected

A group of students was studied by researchers of Arizona & Berlin and tracked their “loneliness levels” while posting Facebook status updates. The study found that when students updated their Facebook statuses more often, they reported lower levels of loneliness independent of the feedback of their statuses.


What Stops Us From Posting

Researchers found that people are more likely to self-censor when they feel their audience is hard to define. People engage only when they feel connected to one another and understood by their audience.


Why People “Share” 

The audience usually tends to share something when they find something valuable, interesting, funny content or when they want to promote some product or services or support any cause.




This awesome infographic from Quicksprout gives us a comprehensive insight into the psychology beyond this behavior of users in Facebook.


Why We Like, Comment, and Share on Facebook

                                Courtesy: QuickSprout

How to Use Google Plus for Business in 2018?

How to Use Google Plus for Business in 2018?


Google Plus 2018



Google+  in  2018

Should you spend your time on promoting your content on  Google Plus anymore in 2018?  Well according to Google a vast number of Google+ users are still signing up every day (around 1.6 million according to Google). Hence, Google has decided to add some new features to the platform in 2017  to keep the audience engaged. Here are some of the new features that Google has rolled out in 2017.


1.Image Zooming & Image Compression  Feature




Courtesy: Google.com


Google+  is still very popular among the photographers with a number of photography communities using the platform regularly.Google+  has introduced Collections feature in  2015 specifically to group posts according to the specific category which can be shared among the specific audience.  Images are a huge part of collections now & Google is already working on Google Photos platform.  Hence to keep in sync  Google+ has introduced  “Image Zoom” &” Image Compression”  features like  Instagram to enhance the image quality with less bandwidth.



Google’s new compression tool uses 75% less bandwidth

                                                          Courtesy: Google.com


2.Filtering Comments



                                                          Courtesy: Google.com


Google is now filtering out low-quality comments & spam just like Facebook, Instagram &  Twitter to have a meaningful conversation on Google+. Google+ has been a target of spammers since it’s foundation due to its connection with Google search. Some SEO’s are constantly spamming the platform with irrelevant links to manipulate rankings.

According to Google’s blog :

“We’re making it easier to have good conversations by hiding lower quality comments on posts, so you can focus on the comments that matter most. If you’d like to see all the on a post, you can always click or tap “View more comments.”


Comment filtering will lead to a better user experience on Google+ like other platforms.



3.New Web Version



Google+ has made a transition in  2018 from classic Google+ with its brand new user interface on Jan.24,2017.  

“With this latest round of updates, we believe the new Google+ is really your Google+ – designed around your suggestions, requests and needs. It also means it’s time to say goodbye to classic Google+ on the web, which we’ll be turning down on January 24.”


4.Google+ Events

Google+ has reintroduced the Event feature which it has deprecated back in  2015.


According to Google –

“…beginning January 24th you’ll be able to create and join events on Google+  as you have in the past. Please note that Events will not be available for G Suite at this time.”


5. Google+ with My Business Can Boost Your Local SEO

If you are looking to feature your business in Google Local listings & Knowledge Graph then it is imperative that you have an official Google+ account with a verified My Business profile.  Check out Local SEO strategies in 2018   that you can implement to be featured high in Google Map results. 



Google + if leveraged tactfully is still one of the most useful  Social Media platforms for marketing in 2018   for certain businesses & individuals contrary to some recent rumors you have heard of Google + being dead. But the trick is to play the game according to its rules. Google+ is much different from Facebook & Twitter  & has its own high-tech niche audience.  So, you simply cannot use the marketing strategy on Google+ as you implement in other platforms. But you can tweak your Digital Marketing strategy in 2018   for Google + with the guidelines mentioned above you can surely get some value from Google+  in 2018.



Does Social Media Affects SEO? Here Is The Answer !

Does Social Media Affects SEO? Here Is The Answer !
Social Media With SEO
                                                     Social Media With SEO


According to Google “Social Media”  signals do play a minor part in their search algorithms.So, we can safely say that SEO  &  Social Media are interwoven to achieve the exact same goal which is attracting new clients & increase sales.So, how can we leverage social media to boost our site’s SEO?  Let’s dive in!

How Can We Leverage Social Media For SEO?



  • “Social Media”  is right now the most useful tool to amplify your content.  Social Media plays a crucial part to distribute your content to reach a wide audience. The more the content get popular the more it’s chance of getting ranked in the top in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).
  • Sharing your content on social media can boost your indexing on the search engine as search bots crawl social media regularly.
  • “Social Media” can increase your content life if you can use proper hashtags related to your content. Example: If you are writing about SEO then using #SEO will lead users to find your content even after 6 months of writing the post.
  • If you are sharing engaging content then “Social Media” can drive insane traffic to your website   & this complements SEO beautifully.
  • “Social Media” creates brand awareness which is one of the ranking signals to get your site right up with the big brands in your niche.Companies social media profiles appear at the top of SERP for branded keywords.
  • “Social Media” can help you to understand the audience behavior & to craft content accordingly which is now a big part of Google Panda.

So, it is evident that  Social Media along with SEO can work together to your ultimate goal which is attracting more clients &  increase sales.

One way to use social media for your content marketing is to integrate the keywords in your social media posts to optimize it for search & use the correct hashtag. This will amplify your content to a greater audience & search engines will fetch your posts in the top results.

Role Of Social Media In Link-Building

You can earn high-quality back links through social media by reaching out to the niche experts.According to Gabriella Sannino,  “Social gives you a playground for prospective link opportunities”.

Links  from social media profiles

You can get a do follow link from some social media accounts barring a few Sharing content  can get you “High-Quality Links”

Get links from outreach

There is a high chance that if you can promote your best content effectively on social media it may reach to industry influencer  &  they will refer  your content in their next posts or article   if they find it suitable . Such links are of great value  to your link   profile & will certainly boost your SEO.

You can use social media to outreach to influencers by following their profile &   engaging with their posts. This can help you to establish a healthy relationship to give you the opportunity to pitch your content.



Optimize Your Content For Sharing

There are some easy & simple methods you can follow to encourage users to share your content:

1.Integrate “Social Sharing Button”  within your content in the website.

2.Tag influencers who you have mentioned in your posts to notify them.There is a high chance they will probably share your content with their audience.

3.Track  “Mentions” on social media & revert back to those who have mentioned your content.


How To Leverage User-Generated Content On Social Media?

User-Generated Content (UGC)  is any content generated by your audience like reviews, testimonials, blog posts, twitter chats, contests etc. The benefit of UGC is that there is a  constant flow of fresh, free content about your product and impacts your rankings & also gives you insights into your audience’s interests.

  • UGC  helps you to understand your audience better  & to create products  & services exactly according to their needs.
  • It serves as a social proof which can improve your brand reputation among the visitors.
  • The citation is a major part of “Local” SEO  & more your brand is mentioned on different mediums the more it will affect your “Local ” SEO.

Some cool ways to generate User-Generated contents are:

  • Organizing a webinar or chat.
  • Contests or quiz.
  • By conducting polls.
  • Constantly engaging with them through comment or messages.



How Relationship  Between SEO & Social Media Are Evolving

Social Media networks have gradually evolved into decent search engines where the audience are searching for products &  services more & more.   Since prospective clients are mostly active on social media platforms it has become essential for brands to create a substantial social media presence in order to reach their audience.

Hence, we can comprehend that SEO & Social Media works best when working hand in hand  &    we can leverage both effectively to get more clients & increase sales.




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