Best Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata | SEO, AdWords & Social Media Marketing

Best Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata | SEO, AdWords & Social Media Marketing

How Our  Digital Marketing Training Can Benefit You?




In 2018 it is imperative for budding professionals to have a Digital Marketing  Training  in SEO, PPC-  Google Ads  & Social Media Marketing. Everybody from big corporations to small businesses & individuals is now investing most of their budget in establishing a powerful online brand as it is the most cost-effective way of reaching to more audience. But most of them are yet to harness the untapped power of Digital Marketing as they don’t have the accurate knowledge of how to use Online Marketing to build a powerful online presence. Here is where the role of a Digital Marketing expert becomes crucial.


No matter what is your profession if you undergo  Digital Marketing Course in SEO & Social Media Marketing then you can open many avenues for you.

  • If you are a student & is looking for an exciting &  high paying career right now then there is no better option than to build a career in this fast-growing sector by joining our Digital Marketing Course.


  • If you are a professional & is looking for accelerated growth then you can become a Digital Marketing expert after having a thorough Digital  Marketing Course in SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing  & can switch to the fast-growing  Digital Marketing industry for a better career.


  • If you are a business owner then you can build a loyal audience for your business through effective Online Marketing &  can promote your products & service to a global audience.This is where having a hands-on  Training in SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing comes in handy.


  • If you are an  IT professional like Web Developer, Web Designer & want to work as a freelancer then you can learn Digital Marketing to enhance your skillset.


Our experienced team of Digital Marketers is now conducting Digital Marketing Training    SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing for students, professionals, web developers, web designers, artists, entrepreneur across the globe.

We have designed the curriculum based on latest Google & Social Media  ALGORITHM  & it’s constantly updated according to the latest algorithm updates.

Training Mode:

  • 70 hrs intensive Classroom Digital Marketing Course for local candidates based in Kolkata.
  • One to One Online Digital Marketing Training for “International” candidates around the globe. 
  • This will be an exhaustive training on  SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA & GOOGLE ADWORDS with 2.5 hrs session 3 days a week.

Contact Us

You can call or WhatsApp us at +91-9903422038   for more information about our Digital Marketing Training  in Kolkata.


Digital Marketing  Training Curriculum

Marketing Fundamentals:

 What is Digital Marketing


Advantage of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing


Different Digital Marketing Avenues


 Most effective Digital Marketing platforms


SEO [Search  Engine  Optimization] Training  In Kolkata:

What is a Search Engine


How Search Engines Works


 Introduction to SEO


Difference between Organic & Paid Search


Search Engine Algorithms


SERP [Search Engine Result Page]


Basic HTML For SEO


WordPress  SEO


Keyword Analysis using different SEO tools


Content Development for SEO


 Content  Marketing  for SEO


 Indexing of website pages  for SEO


Local Optimization  for SEO



E-commerce SEO


Deindexing from Google


Using different SEO Tools for technical audit


Google Ads (Erstwhile Google AdWords)

What is  Google Ads ?


Advantage of Google Ads over SEO


Factors influencing ranking in Google Ads


Hierarchy for Google Ads


Keyword Research  for Google Ads


Bidding Strategy for Google Ads 





Using Google Webmaster or Search Console for SEO Analysis


Using Google Analytics for SEO Analysis


Social Media  Optimization [SMO] & Social Media Marketing [SMM] Training In Kolkata

Introduction to Social Media


Social Media Marketing For Business


Difference between Search   &  Social  Media Marketing




Facebook  Optimization For Business  


Twitter   Optimization  For Business 


Instagram Optimization  For Business  


DURATION: 70 hrs  

Office: We are located in a prime location in Patuli, Kolkata near E.M.Bypass. 5 minutes from Khudiram Metro station.

Call us now at 9903422038 for registration for the  SEP.2018  batch.  As we have limited seats, we follow the FIRST COME FIRST SERVE rule We recommend you to register early to avoid waiting for long periods to start the course.

Avail Discounts for Group Registrations (2 or more ).

We are focused on personalized training & hence to deliver quality training to each student we admit limited students in a single batch! 




Anupam Basu



Mr. Anupam Basu, Director- IT, Acclaris


“I’m an experienced IT professional. I love to learn new technologies. In my role, knowing a new technology or tools at conceptual level suffices. But I don’t get satisfaction just knowing tools/technologies at a conceptual level. I always try to dig down to the core level and coding level to see how things actually work. I took interest in knowing Mobile Application development. I know there are lots of institutes around offering this training. Most of them conduct long duration course with a large portion on concepts and other lectures. I wanted to get into the coding level directly and quickly. My purpose is served by enrolling myself in  IPSSWEB SOLUTIONS. They understood my requirement. The faculties are having a very clear knowledge and teaching acumen in cutting-edge technologies in –  Digital Marketing, PHP, WordPress & Android. If you want to really learn, get enrolled immediately in your niche. You will see the difference.”





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