Does Social Media Affects SEO? Here Is The Answer !


According to Google “Social Media”  signals do play  a minor part in their search algorithms.So, we can safely say that SEO  &  Social Media are interwoven  to achieve the exact same goal which is attracting new clients & increase sales .So, how can we leverage social media to boost our  site’s SEO .  Let’s dive in !

How Can We Leverage Social Media For SEO?


  • “Social Media”  is   right now the most useful tool to amplify your content .  Social Media plays  a crucial part to distribute your content  to reach to  a wide audience  . The more the content get popular  the more  it’s chance of getting ranked in the top in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).
  • Sharing your content on social media can boost your indexing  on search engine as search bots crawl social media regularly .
  • “Social Media” can increase your content life  if you can use proper hashtags related to your content . Example:If you are writing about SEO then using #SEO will lead users to find your content  even after 6 months of writing the post.
  • If you are sharing engaging content then “Social Media” can drive insane traffic to your website   & this complements SEO beautifully.
  • “Social Media” creates brand awareness  which is one of the ranking signals  to get your site right up with the big brands in your niche .Companies social media profiles appear in the top of SERP for branded keywords.
  • “Social Media” can helps you to understand the audience behavior & to craft content accordingly which is now a big part of Google Panda.

So, it is evident that  Social Media along with SEO can  work together to your ultimate goal which is attracting more clients &  increase sales.

One way to use social media for your content marketing  is  to integrate the keywords  in your social media  posts to optimize it for search & use correct hashtag  . This will amplify your content to a greater audience & search engines will fetch your posts in the top results.

Role Of Social Media In Link-Building

You can earn high quality back links through social media  by reaching out to the niche experts.According to Gabriella Sannino  “Social gives you a playground for prospective link opportunities” .

Links  from social media profiles

You can get a do follow link from some social media accounts barring a few Sharing content  can get you “High Quality Links”

Get links from outreach

There is a high chance that if you can promote  your  best content  effectively on social media  it may reach to industry influencer  &  they will refer  your content in their next posts or article   if they find it suitable . Such links are of great value  to your link   profile & will certainly boost your SEO.

You can use social media to outreach to influencers by  following their profile &   engaging with their posts. This can help you to establish a healthy relationship   to give you the opportunity to  pitch your  content .


Optimize Your Content For Sharing

There are some easy & simple methods you can follow to encourage users to share your content :

1.Integrate “Social Sharing Button”  within your  content in the website .

2.Tag  influencers who you have mentioned in your posts  to notify them.There is a high chance they will probably share your content with their audience.

3.Track  “Mentions” on social media & revert back to  those who have mentioned  your content .


How To Leverage User-Generated Content On Social Media ?

User-Generated Content (UGC)  is any content generated by your audience like reviews, testimonials ,blog posts , twitter chats , contests etc. The benefit of UGC is that there is a  constant flow of fresh, free content  about your product and impacts your rankings & also gives you insights into your audience’s interests.

  • UGC  helps you to  understand your audience better  & to create products  & services exactly according to their needs .
  • It serves as a social proof which can improve your brand reputation among the visitors .
  • Citation is a major part of “Local” SEO  & more your brand is mentioned on different  mediums  the more it will affect your “Local ” SEO.

Some cool ways to generate User-Generated contents are :

  • Organizing a webinar  or chat.
  • Contests or quiz.
  • By conducting polls.
  • Constantly engaging with them through  comment  or messages.

How Relationship  Between SEO & Social Media Are Evolving

Social Media networks  have gradually evolved into decent  search engines where audience are searching  for products &  services  more & more .   Since, prospective clients  are mostly active on social media platforms  it has become essential for brands to create   a substantial  social media presence in order to reach their audience.

Hence, we can comprehend that SEO & Social Media  works best when working hand in hand  &    we  can leverage both effectively  to get more clients & increase sales.