10 Must Have Twitter Tools That Every Social Media Marketer Should Know !



Twitter    has become the most lucrative marketing platform for every business. Hence, there is a huge  competition among marketers to get more & more followers with high engagement rate in order to promote their respective products & services on this platform. Here are some of the tools which can leverage  the Twitter  marketing campaign  of  businesses & can increase productivity with some smart strategies.






Buffer is a smart tool which helps you to  schedule your tweets uniformly throughout the day when your followers are online . If you don’t schedule your tweet  & tweet when you feel like tweeting you are loosing out on followers . Buffer solve  this problem by scheduling your tweets at peak times of the day  to get more engagement from your followers.


2. Klout




Klout  is one of the most popular social media tool which measures the  influence of social media profiles  & ranks its users .If you want to measure where you stand on social media or to find out influential people in your niche  then Klout is the place to go.


3. Bit.ly



Bitly is much more than a URL shortener . It helps us to keep track on the clicks on the links . The links  can be shared directly to your Twitter &  other social media accounts  from it’s dashboard.






It’s an awesome tool to keep track of your followers , unfollowers   & inactive accounts you may want o unfollow. It helps  to lean up your account regularly &  helps you to flush out irrelevant profile you are following & connect with more relevant followers who are interested in your tweets. Crowdfire helps you reach out to the right people, and grow on social network.





Twitonomy is a cool  tool for  twitter  through which you can browse, search,filter & get insights of people you  follow & your own followers.The premium features  allow you to download your tweets, re-tweets,mentions  &  to export to Excel & PDF reports.






This is a must have tool for marketers in order to increase their reach . It posts your RSS feeds automatically into Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn every time they are updated. You have to just simply plug-in your feed URL & you are done ! another cool feature of  TwitterFeed  is that you can even customize your tweets &  add relevant “Hashtags”  to get more engagements.


7. Tribber




Tribber is a social network for bloggers which connects bloggers with like minded bloggers in their respective niche . You can build a healthy relationship witch each other  by constantly sharing their posts &  vice versa. This will  eventually increase the reach of your  blog  & your content will go viral.


8. Paper.Li




Paper.Li   is an awesome  curation tool which automatically collect  posts &  tweets & organize  them in a newspaper format . You can tap into this powerful tool  to curate contents from  industry influencers    & publish them on your site & social media at the click of a button !






Hootsuite is a a social media management tool  which helps you to update multiple social networks . It also has an app  &  can track all your social media analytics including in real time  on the go on your mobile . In addition it has the facility of integrating multiple users of a team to manage the social media activities for your company.


10. Pollin


This is an awesome tool if you are looking to create surveys for your social media audience  to gather feedback through quizzes, questions, videos & photos .You can conduct survey on any social media platform or email.

These are some of the best free tools in the market that you can use to leverage your Twitter marketing . Are you using any of these tools for your social media?