10 Simple Ways To Leverage Hashtags To Create Insane Engagement !


Hashtags (#) have become an integral part of every social media posts  on every social media.It makes easier for users to track & organize topics based on their interests.It is the most easiest way to categorize contents on social media .

This is the guy who started it  all  long back in 2007  !

In fact, due to its popularity “Hashtags” have find a place in Oxford Dictionary. Another, great benefit of using hashtag in your posts is that it connects with users on other social media platforms .But most of us still don’t know how to use a hashtag properly in posts & end up  spamming their posts with too many  irrelevant hashtags . So, let’s look at the following guidelines about properly using hashtags in your social media posts.


 Some Basics About Hashtag !

  • Hashtags are primarily incorporated in order to monitor  trending events & discussions on social medias  to update users  about the latest buzz in the social media .You can click on a particular hashtag & can get redirected  to the hashtag  feed instead of your original feed.
  • Every hashtag  has its own unique URL


  • You can search for specific topics & events  from your address bar  in Facebook like  facebook.com/hashtag/topic


  • You can directly post from the hashtag  feed on Facebook.


Hashtag Guide In A Nutshell

1. Use A  Single Word With No  Space

You should use hashtag  as a single word with no spaces in between if you want to use more than one word  in your hashtag .


2.Don’t Use  Too Many Words Together

Don’t clutter your hashtag by stringing too many words  together. Try keep it  to minimum .


3.Don’t Use Special Characters

You can’t  include special characters but you can use numbers in your hashtags.


4.Be Specific

Use hashtag  in trending topics in your niche industry to drive more traffic  to your posts. Only thing to keep in mind  is that you have to be specific about  the topic .


5. Use Hashtags As Per The Network

Every network has it’s own unique way of interpreting hashtags .


Hashtags are  focused on the specific  topic about which you are tweeting . You can also use hashtag to track  Twitter  chats  & connect with  influencers in your niche.


Facebook :

Each  hashtag has its own unique URL from where you can post your status updates. You can leverage  this URL to drive more  traffic from other sites .    You can leverage the hashtags to increase your reach  . When you use a popular hashtag with your content the audience searching for that  specific for that  niche may discover your content .


Instagram :

Hashtags are  very important for Instagram as  the hashtags are  useful to describe a photo & its details  rather   than a story or a theme . One of the advantage  of using Hashtags in Instagram is that you can use as much Hashtags in your post . Here  The rules are pretty simple here –

  • Be specific
  • Be  relevant
  • Be observant    


6 .Capitalize The First Letter

To make your hashtags stand out capitalize the first letter of each word(with no spaces in between) like #SocialMedia


7.Create Your Own Unique Branded Hashtag

Create your own innovative  hashtags for your products & services through which people can identify your brand of products & services. You can also create hashtags for events happening around your brand.


8 .Leverage Trending Hashtags

You can leverage trending  around current events  which can boost your posts & tweets to gain more  engagements  across the platform.  You can use any sporting event like #Wimbledon, #USOpen  to catch the attention of the online community who are following  that event.


9.Don’t Spam

You should not spam your posts with hashtags & use it frugally . You should not be in a situation where you have more hashtags than words .This will only attract spammers who will just follow you to get a follow back.In order to get real fans you  have to use hashtags more judiciously based  on your niche.


10.Don’t Be Too  Specific  & Avoid Long Hashtags

You have to keep a balance between too generic & too  specific. If you create hashtags which are too specific to  your brand or product before it’s launch then  nobody will search using that   hashtag as they have never heard of your brand . So,it’s better to use trending hashtags in your niche . Don’t make your hashtags too long but try to keep it short . It has been seen that people always go for short hashtags  (But remember don’t be too  offbeat ).


Hashtags if used cleverly can  generate  tremendous reach & engagements  on any social media platforms be it Facebook, Twitter or  Instagram  but you have to be careful in to use it at the  right place  to gain maximum benefit .