Is Google Plus Relevant In 2017 ? Here Is How To Use Google Plus For Your Business In 2017

Google Plus 2017











Google Plus(G+)  has evolved into a robust social network since it’s launch in 2011 & has become a major tool in driving online traffic to websites.Since Google its a pGoogle it connects millions of websites.The main reason for to build your brand visibility in G+ is that Google is now analyzing social signals from G+  for it’s ranking algorithms.So, how can you create a standout G+profile for your business to generate more leads? Let’s discuss this right here!


Create An Engaging Headline




You need to create an intriguing Headline for your every post & have to treat your posts like a microblog post.This is a very important  element of  G+  because:

  • Google include  this Headline in the “Title” tag of your posts which appears in the Google SERPs.


  • It helps to gauge audience towards your posts.


Use The Advance Formatting Feature






G+  provides some excellent formatting features like  “*”  &  “_” operators to format your post.Use them in your posts to make your posts look more professional  7 appealing to your followers.



Include Images In Your Posts


Posts with images receive a maximum number of shares.In fact, G +  itself gives you the option to select your own image while posting to attract more audience to your post.


Share Your Content To Your Target Audience




Instead of sharing every content “Public” you can be specific with whom you are sharing your best content by narrowing down your post to “Following“, “Your circles”,”   “ Individuals”,”Customers”  which ensure that your post is reaching the right “Target Audience”.

Use Hash Tag (# ) In Your Posts





Hash Tags (#)  are used to find relations between topics through semantic analysis in order to curate & recommend a similar type of contents to the audience & thus providing easier access to the audience to a relevant topic which they are searching.

Engage With Your Audience




Once you have posted your best content, the next thing to do is engage with the audience who are responding to your post.You should be ready answer their queries & acknowledge them for taking their time out to read your can tag other persons in G+  in your comments by prefixing their name with  “+” sign.

You can find your best audience who have  “+1″ your posts & comments & can follow them to build future relationships.You can close off comments for your post by clicking “Disable Comments”  after stating a reason for closing your comments for that post.

Schedule Your Posts At The Right Time





Similar, to other social media platforms  “Timing “is the key to any post in G+.You need to have a clear strategy about “when to post”  &  “in what frequency” you should post.


Manage Notifications


Manage- Google+-Notifications



You will get a notification with the G+ notification bell every time there is any activity on your brand on G+ which include   Plus Ones, Shares, New Circle-rs.You can control this notification if you don’t want to be disturbed every single moment & can block specific notifications.




Google + is sill a useful social media platform for marketing for businesses & individuals contrary to some recent rumors you have heard of Google + being dead. But the trick is to play the game according to its rules. Google+ is much different from Facebook & Twitter  & has it’s own high tech niche audience.  So, you simply cannot use the marketing strategy in Google plus as you implement in other platforms.  But if you can tweak your strategy for Google + with the guidelines mentioned above you can surely get a high ROI  from Google+  in 2017.