Is Google Plus Still Relevant in 2017?

Are you still using Google+ for your business in  2017? Well according to Google a vast number of Google+ users are still signing up every day(around 1.6 million according to Google).Hence, Google has decided to add some new features to the platform in 2017  to keep the audience engaged. Here are some of the new features that Google has rolled out in 2017.


1.Image Zooming & Image Compression  Feature






Google+  is still very popular among the photographers with a number of photography communities using the platform regularly.Google+  has introduced Collections  feature in  2015 specifically to group posts according to the specific category which can be shared among the specific audience.  Images are a huge part of collections now & Google is already working on Google Photos  platform .  Hence to keep in sync  Google+ has introduced  “Image Zoom” &” Image Compression”  features like  Instagram to enhance the image quality with less bandwidth.



Google’s new compression tool uses 75% less bandwidth



2.Filtering Comments





Google is now filtering out low-quality comments & spam just like Facebook, Instagram &  Twitter to have a meaningful conversation on Google+. Google+ has been a target of spammers since it’s foundation due to its connection with Google search. Some SEO’s are constantly spamming the platform with irrelevant links to manipulate rankings.

According to Google’s blog :

“We’re making it easier to have good conversations by hiding lower quality comments on posts, so you can focus on the comments that matter most. If you’d like to see all the on a post, you can always click or tap “View more comments.”


Comment filtering will lead to a better user experience on Google+ like other platforms.



3.New Web Version



Google+ has made a transition in  2017  from classic Google+ with its brand new user interface on Jan.24,2017.  According to Google –

“With this latest round of updates, we believe the new Google+ is really your Google+ – designed around your suggestions, requests and needs. It also means it’s time to say goodbye to classic Google+ on the web, which we’ll be turning down on January 24.”


4.Google+ Events

Google+ has reintroduced the Event feature which it has deprecated back in  2015.


According to Google –

“…beginning January 24th you’ll be able to create and join events on Google+  as you have in the past. Please note that Events will not be available for G Suite at this time.”


5. Google+ with My Business Can Boost Your Local SEO

If you are looking to feature your business in Google Local listings & Knowledge Graph then it is imperative that you have an official Google+ account with a verified My Business profile.  Check out this comprehensive guide on Local SEO  that you can use to be featured high in Local Search results. 


Google + is still a useful social media  platform for marketing for certain businesses & individuals contrary to some recent rumors you have heard of Google + being dead. But the trick is to play the game according to its rules. Google+ is much different from Facebook & Twitter  & has its own high-tech niche audience.  So, you simply cannot use the marketing strategy on Google+ as you implement in other platforms. But you can tweak your content marketing strategy in 2017   for Google + with the guidelines mentioned above you can surely get some value from Google+  in 2017.



  • I’ve notice that Google+ posts show up in the SERP very readily for revelant search terms that I try to rank high in. So if I create a post about something that I’m wanting people to find, especially if it includes a link back to my website, is that something Google considers a black-hat type of tactic for rigging search engine results? Or is that just me providing good, relevant content for the system?

    • Nopes, it’s absolutely fine with Google as long as your post is linking contextually to your blog post.

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