3 Tech Tips That All Businesses Should Know To Help Improve Their Online Presence

3 Tech Tips That All Businesses Should Know To Help Improve Their Online Presence
May 13, 2016 No Comments SEO,Social Media Marketing IPSSWEB SOLUTIONS

Digital is a massive thing in business right now. A company’s online presence is the foundation of its success these days. So, if you’re running a business, and think you could be doing a bit more online, then here’s what you need to be aware of. This is the three tech tips that every business should know – they’ll help improve your online presence! Check them out, below.






Social media is a huge marketing tool being used by businesses worldwide. The best thing is, it costs absolutely nothing to utilize! Run multiple social media channels for your business across a number of different networking sites. It is an excellent way to raise awareness of your product, brand or service. For example, the most successful marketing campaigns on Twitter utilize hashtag. The hashtag is an excellent way to get everybody talking about the same thing. If that ‘thing’ is your company, then you’re away! That’s exposure to hundreds of thousands of people. Here are some more top Twitter tools to get your business going! As you grow your digital following, your business will expand and hopefully reach out to a larger consumer base. Social is definitely something that you have to be considering if you’re serious about 21st century business.





Enterprise Search

Next up, is enterprise search. Not really sure what this is? Well, essentially, this is a simple, flexible and affordable way to do search. Now, that may be traditional site searching. So, if you require a way for your users to search around your website, then outsourcing to an enterprise search company may be the answer. They are able to create a collection to crawl your website. This is coupled with a new search bar on your company website, which consumers can use to find the stuff that they need. You can even customize the search results to match your brand – neat! Away from the conventional site search solution, enterprise search can also work with eCommerce. Do you run an online store? If so, are you looking for an easy way for clients to search through your catalog of goods? If the answer is yes, then enterprise search is, again, your answer. Companies who specialize in enterprise search will help you create a solution. You may even get one that enables searchers to filter by things such as price, brand, etc. – this is incredibly useful.





Finally, if you don’t know about SEO services, then your business is living under a rock. Search engine optimization is a popular way of increasing a company’s online presence within industry right now. Essentially, SEO techniques seek to place your company’s website higher up on search results on sites such as Google! This works largely by optimizing your website to work best with the way Google manufactures its search results. This could be anything from including keywords, to increase site interaction through link building. Either way, your site is sure to see increased traffic to it once you have implemented SEO services. This job can be done in-house if you really know what you’re doing, or outsourced.


Hopefully, this post has got your business up to speed on the latest digital enterprise trends.

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